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yahoo! sound problems



i recently added winxp pro to my existing win2k setup (dual boot/separate drives).
love it...but...somethings just don't seem to be working on it.

for example, i can't hear any sound alerts from my yahoo messenger, can't use the audio tuning wizard and can't hear anything on voice chat. i have a soundblaster 5.1 live! sound card which is working fine.

yahoo!'s problems don't occur in win2k where i hear the familiar door slams and other alerts as well as being able to talk on it.

my other question is..is it a fact that i won't be able to talk (use voice chat) on windows msn with users who don't have winxp?

is there any workaround for both of these problems?

would really appreciate any advice. have been searching newsgroups and forums for anything but haven't found a clue yet.
I run yahoo and MSN on xp pro without any problems . Are you running then from the 2k installment or have you installed then to XP. If not try installing fresh with XP


actually, i discovered later that i wasn't able to hear ANY system sounds. by default they're turned off in xp, but when i turned them on, i still wasn't hearing the beeps, bells and tings. the sounds files played fine when i clicked on them and i could play my music etc as well as hear music on the web, the device manager didn't show any yellow exclamation marks or red crosses so i assumed all the hardware was working...but it was driving me crazy trying to figure out WHY i couldn't hear all the annoying bells n whistles.

went to all possible sites for an answer and found it on the soundblaster site. apparently the drivers that xp comes with for the SBLive! card aren't enough. creative have an update called the SBLiveXPDrvUpdate which fixes the problem. i thought that after updating all the drivers from windows update i didn't have to check out for other versions but apparently i was wrong.

just thought i'd post this in case anyone else's had a similar problem.

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