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Yahoo Music


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I read on digg.com that Yahoo Music now supports Firefox, so I go on over and try to play a video, and it opens up the video window and loads and loads and loads, so I close it, and my browser freezes, can't close it and have to ALT,CONTROL,DELETE....

What's going on?


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Firefox is sucking all your memory :eek:

I dunno, will fiddle round when I get home, perhaps.

Son Goku

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I haven't used Yahoo Music, so can't comment so much on their site. However, in Mozilla (and keep in mind that Mozilla is in large measure the development platform Firefox was/is based off of), I have noticed this exact same problem with some videos on various different sites.

They'll load, and load, give a blank page, and never run. It isn't that memory is being sucked up :D Albeit not a bad joke :laugh: Rather it's some internal problem (yeah I've looked at Task Manager when this happened before, as well as the networking). I'm not yet sure of a work around for this in Mozilla/Firefox, but I do know that if I copy the same link over to IE, and then load it up there, the same problem is not replicated, and all loads OK.

Tis odd however, that Yahoo had announced this should work in Firefox, and you're still seeing this however. Hmm...


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I know I could of loaded it up with IE, that's what I was doing for awhile, the whole thing was, was that Yahoo Music finally made it compatible with Firefox, which I guess they sucked at it.

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