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Ya ever wonder how much amount of RAM affects benchmarks?


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Adding none like pairs of memory isnt a good idea at all. Even when you add more of the same it puts more load on your northbridge (us AMD64 (smart people) have integrated memory controller so the memory really effects the cpu. I myself have 4 stick of 512 and it did lower my cpu score a weee bit, bu tnot enough for me to do anything about it :cool:


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i have 4 sticks of 512 (see sig.) the biggest thing is it took foreever for me to get my timings right. And with 4 stick in most mobos you cant do some things with timing. like run at 1T... i think i just made sense...
if you thought you would notice a difference between 1 gig of ram and 2, now you see you gain noting. Unless doing video editing or such tasks. :)
3dMark doesn't use over 512 MB of ram, so having more shouldn't affect your score much. Put in just 256, though, and I'll guarantee it will be very different.

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