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XVid movie problem


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I downloaded a copy of a movie that I own, actually I somehow own 2 copies of it, anyway, I Dl'ed it off a bittorrent site. What I ended up with is about 25 .rar files each containing a .avi all named the same. How do I deal with this? Is there a batch program that combines all these files into one .avi file?

I have tried searching the net for answers, but of course if you download ANY movie your pirating something and are evil. I just am trying to avoid having to pay $40 to someone else to convert my VHS tape version of Die Hard 1 and put it on on a DVD. I can buy the DVD version for less, but I really don't want to own 3 copies of the same movie. It is a great movie and all, but really......


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Assumuing you have winrar (www.rarsoft.com) just double click on the first one, tell it where to extract and it should extract all the other ones in order. Basically it's just 25 files with chunks of the movie, when winrar is finished you have one whole avi file.


depending on how its named, if it has a .rar and named r01 02 after that open the .rar file then 2x click on it and extract. if it is named 001 002 and so on, then open the 001 file with winrar and extract.
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Using WinRAR's shell extension and right-clicking choosing "Extract here" or "Extract to <folder>" it doesn't really matter which file you right-click on. It'll start from the top and unrar the whole set. :)


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Thanks all, that worked, however it turned out that the vid was corrupted, grrrrrrr. But it would have worked, now I just have to find a working copy. Thanks all!


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You may want to invest in a video converter that you could hook to your computer and convert from VHS -> DVD if you have a collection your trying to convert. It doesn't matter to those doing the sueing anymore if you actually own the movies or not. Would be super lame to be paying thousands or doing time for grabbing a digital version of a movie you paid for.

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