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Xvid Error


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All of a sudden, I haven't changed anything or do anything, I get this error.

It pops up every single time the preview is loaded...

What's the deal?
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Use the latest VLC if possible. Even better, don't use VLC because it doesn't have the latest video decoder libraries, potentially missing hundreds of bug fixes.

But anyway, it looks as if that one video is giving you the error (since it has no thumbnail). Are you sure its not corrupt?
no need to use K-lite codec pack, that causes more issues than its worth.

Don't use VLC. Period.

Go get seperate codecs for media you want to play or go fetch Combined Community codec pack which will play all the formats you want to play safely at http://www.cccp-project.net/
1) It bundles illegal codecs.
2) It bundles codecs that are not needed
3) It bundles and installs conflicting codecs
4) It misconfigures codecs causing playback issues
5) It is recommended by clueless people that don't have a braincell in their heads.
6) Said people then demand proof :)
7) Taken hint?


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1. Examples?
2. Everything is needed if you're an audiophile or a dedicated video/audio enthusiast, video encoder, or the likes
3. The way the installer is set up is that you can only choose one (1) codec to decode a certain type
4. Never seen this happen, more specific examples?
5. Says the person thats never used it to a very experienced audio/video expert
I have used and experianced K-lite and its faults.

If you're an audiophile/video enthusiast you'll know which codecs are not licensed for distribution by k-lite hence proving my point 5 :)

Upside down video, wrong colourspace profiles being selected or just not selected.

Would you like to continue your loosing argument?


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All apparently illegal codecs are open source ones that happen to decode proprietary formats. The decoders that are included that companies claim are illegal are free versions available to anyone willing to download their products free of charge from their website.
Upside down video is easily correctable with a simple check of box.
Colorspaces are changable at will. Having them all selected works perfectly fine because if the video player uses DirectShow filters, it connects to the decoder's pins using its prefered colorspace (usually YV12, YUV2, RGB32), and has a fallback to other ones.

Keep going, I like this. :D

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Uninstall xvid and any other codecs you have, run CCleaner, download K-Lite Codec Pack, use default settings if you want (though its better if you switch every option you've decided to check to ffdshow (libavcodec too)), done.

that codec pack is full of crap and illegal stuff - and is a known source of problems,and cccp is just as bad, get ffdshow tryouts or vlc player, or get xvid codec from the xvid site

Don't use VLC. Period.
whys that L ?
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Everytime I ask for help dealing with something related to video it becomes a big fight about codecs and players and crap, I have been using VLC PLayer for 3 years without a problem and I really enjoy it. The screenshot shows one preview not loaded, but it loads, I just did it like that to show that the error comes up when they are loading now.

The only thing I could think of, for what changed, is I installed the new VLC player, but I thought I had it installed for a bit without a problem.

I will see if there is another updated VLC or I will reinstall the older version. Then I will get back to you guys. Then, when my problem is fixed, I will have the fight about Codecs & Players with you guys.
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klite codec pack is a known piece of **** :D, if you remove the crap and install ffdshow tryouts or the xvid codec from xvid.org, and your errors will be gone
cccp is ffdshow and a few extras for subtitling support. Thats it. It's no worse than installing the individual elements yourself.

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true i have heard that cccp is an older version of ffdshow with a few extras on top - at the end of the day you have to learn to use what you are comfortable with :)

still why should you not use VLC ?


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VLC uses old ffdshow libraries. CCCP uses newer ffdshow-tryouts libraries. K-Lite uses the latest build of ffdshow-tryouts at the time of release.
VLC doesn't have fully functional DTS decoding, slow H.264 decoding (thanks to old ffdshow libraries), can't play HD DVD/Blu-ray streams (more particularly VC-1), etc.

So if anything, ffdshow-tryouts > ffdshow > VLC.


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I just searched and I have found nothing on the VLC forums or help about any errors people have been getting. I get where you guys are coming from, and those points might be true. I just have grown to know VLC and enjoy using it.

Instead of giving me options to fix it (just right away) how about why would this happen, nothing has changed or happen, I find no reason for it to start giving me these errors. For those who aren't stuck on me using something else, you think it is worth a shot to reinstall VLC player....

***edit, I went to xvid.org and got the latest xvid codec, and it all seems fine (thanks carpo) but I still don't understand what happened. Everything was fine and then it wasen't?
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Could have had an actual problem with the .dll? Corruption issues etc.

As for the codec discussion. I don't think it matters what each person installs. Whether it be K-Lite, CCCP, individual codecs, or no codecs at all and relying on players. If it works there shouldn't be a problem. If it doesn't work, remove it and try another option. Easy as that.

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