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Xubuntu - any users, feedback?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
well - what it says in the subject really :lick:

Has anyone experience of installation and use of Xubuntu or other feedback thereon to pass along to me?

Reason I ask? Have a PII and considering making it dual bootable for when my daughter is ready to appreciate Linux as an alternative environment for her computing needs.... :rolleyes:
Hey MFG.

Xubuntu would be well suited to an old box but if your trying to win someone over to Linux it's not going to be the best suited to convince them, the xfce environment is basic in comparison to gnome or kde and lacks those nice little features that would be really valuable to a new Linux user.

So anyway, yep Xubuntu is good, easy to install as you would expect with anything Ubuntu :) Usability is less than you get with a better desktop environment but still good, maybe give it a whirl yourself in a VM? Or the LiveCD.....?


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A P2 running XP would be awful. Personally I wouldn't use Ubuntu, I would use a lighter distro like Slackware and use Fluxbox as my WM. I have an old Gateway P2 that I do exactly that with.


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MFG, why not just use ubuntu 6.06 dapperdrake...?

also a p2 cannot handle xp... especially now with sp2....


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More to the point why are we giving you advice on this haha, aren't you supposed to be the expert?! :)


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heh my 6 year old is complaining about the load times on my 1.8 p4 with 512 ram. He's evolved beyond puzzle games to full blown AOE campaigns.

I keep telling him he's only 6, but so far he refuses to listen.

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