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Xtacy Geforce4 Ti 4400



Hello all, I am a newbie in here so bear with me.
I have been around computers awhile and I think I have tried just about every video card out there. I just recently upgraded my Geforce 3 Ti500 to Geforce 4 ti 4400, I am noticing some very bad frame rates in Medal Of Honor, I have v-sync disabled and quincux on at 1152 by 768, My refresh rate for my monitor is set at 75mhz, only in this game am I noticing big frame rate drops, is it the medal of Honor game itself, I assume with this mother of a card I should be able to play this game easily with just about everything turned on, or am I expecting too much? Just a question for you guys who have messed around with these cards for awhile.
I am just a little dissapointed because my geforce 3 ti 500 was smoking in all games.


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Well drivers are key and system Ram and you really didnt have to upgrade. I also just recently got this card[upgraded from a geforce 2 gts] but, I havent tried MOH yet. Im using the 28.35 det drv with a screen res of 1024x768. Try lowering your res and see what happens.


what driver version are you using?

the 27.xx - 28.32 are more optimized for geforce 4. i have that same card and mohaa blazes out my front door and to the market for me lol....also post your sytem specs, u should have
no less than a 600 mhz cpu, and 256mb ram to run a gf4 correctly.
i know it says it requires less, but trust me......;)
also try the 28.32 drivers that work with the refresh rate fix,and
use the refresh rate fix, you can also go into dx diag. and click on more help and force a refresh rate, im willing to bet that your system is actually running at 60hz refresh, regardless of what it says....my nba live 2001 was jerky untill i forced the refreshrate i wanted in dx diag.;)


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I have a good system I believe, but i tried a tweaker prog for my card and updated to the latest drivers and wow!! Fixed all my probs, MOH is running like a dream!

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