XPPro SP1 + canon ixus digicam + 'scanner and camera' wizard problem


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8 Jan 2004
Im having a nightmare getting windows to properly detect my new Canon ixus 400 digital camera via usb.

I seem to have a problem with my winxp Pro (SP1+ updates) in that if i go to controlpanel/scanners and cameras and click 'add' i get an eggtimer for about half a second, and nothing happens. This is where i think the root of the problem is, theres something wrong with this part of my windows install.

At the moment the camera is detected when plugged in but is just automatically put down as an 'unknown device' and called 'digital still camera'. It doesnt appear in explorer like it should, the canon WIA drivers will not install (just hangs so this could also be caused by whatever is breaking the 'add' wizard) but they shouldnt be needed anyway in xp, and the canon software doesnt detect a camera connected either. Ive removed the unknown camera several times but as soon as i turn the cam on, its put back the same. I even removed the usb hub form device manager and had it re-detect all the usb devices, still no good.

I have the relevant services running, and i plugged the cam into my dads xppro pc (which is full of crap unlike mine which is streamlined and clean) and it was detected as a canon ixus 400 and worked straight away, no drivers, no problems, so i know it isnt the camera.

Im sure its something to do with the fact that the 'add' camera or scanner wizard is also refusing to work for no apparent reason so if i can fix that then perhaps itll work. Ive searched microsoft and asked around but cant find anything about fixing that wizard or why it might not work. Last resort is going to be reinstalling xp and since ive spent months configuring it and tweaking it to get it this far, thats obviously not something i want to do.
I presume you loaded the USB software/ drivers first and then rebooted and introduced the hardware afterwards?.
If it worked on the other machine ...../ should be no problem.
? Drivers updates from the hardware manufacturers.
Do you have a single USB pc connection or separate mains hub??

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