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XPHome part of a domain?


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

I would like to know if a WinXPHome machine can be introduced into an existing File Server domain using WinServer2003Standard? The other three machines run Win2000Pro in the domain.

If so, how can I intergrate it. Is there a wizard for XPHome?

Thanks in advance,

Under normal circumstances, XP Home cannot join a domain. You would need to upgrade to XP Pro for that. However, there is a little tweak that might help:

However, it -is- possible to get on a domain using Windows XP Home Edition.

This can also be accomplished with the free and widely available Xteq X-Setup 6.1 by navigating to the "Network \ Auto Login \ Windows NT/2K/XP \ Settings" option within X-Setup. Simply enter the appropriate information and click "Apply Changes" - upon your next reboot, you can then join domains with WinXP Home Edition. Problem solved.
From: http://vowe.net/archives/001639.html

Download X-Setup: http://www.x-setup.net/downloads/home.asp
Let me know if it works for you. :)


If you activate "Record Mode" in X-Setup it will write the changes directly to a reg file (provided the changes are made in the registry).

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