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XP won't start

My XP Pro won't start after I've downloaded a file which I think might contain virus.Of course, I am able to use my start up disk, but there are some files which I need to save before re formatting.How is it done, if as usual , after the 6th disk XP will prompt me to insert the CD, and instead of formatting the disk , I'd like to start it up first , save the files that I need then., I will format completely ? The comp won't start at all if no start up disk is inserted. Is there a way ?? Thanks for any suggestions. :confused:
I can't boot from the CD.Seems like the 'virus' is controlling my boot disk.Whenever I start it says ' Sytem Boot Disk Failure. Insert boot disk to start ' So the only way is to start using the floppies..


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if you have another pc, remove the hd and open it from the working pc and save your files. i have one hd and i had partitioned it so that i have a separate partition for OS and data so if the OS goes crazy i reformat only the OS side. :)
Yes, I did the same thing.That HD is only my OS (20 Gb) and I do have a backup.What I need is to save some of my mails ( from OE ).That worry me most.
in the worst cases if you format your disk you can always recover the files using "recover my files" you can fine it on www.majorgeeks.com, but try doing like percy said and copy the files to the other computer then scan the disk for viruses

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I would say use your floppies and after you have got the install screens started you walk through as you would if you wanted to install XP , at one point it will show you that you all ready have XP installed at this point it is about 5 or 6 screens in you will choose the partition that has XP all ready installed and you will choose to repair.

This will reinstall Xp and not remove your OE files you will need to redo all your updates from microsoft but you should do this first.

If you cant get it right after this method then fine format. But this works very well , it is not the first option to repair its the one where it is showing you your all ready installed OS.

Good Luck

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