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XP WonT Boot HELP!!

Last night i installed the new DX9 update from windows
and Unistalled BluyeTooth SW

Then when i come to Reboot it goes to the Loadin Screen then goes to a Black screen then Reboots

safe Mode

It done the same but now it stops on this ays thing

some times comes up CHK DISK it goes threw the 3 stages then again Reboots

I had 2 other h/d's in the pc and i tired 1 as a Slave on another Pc and that says its corrupt aswel :confused:

Any1 know anything i can try



Blame me for the RAZR's
if last know config wont work its your only hope. it shoudnt mess up files other than change system files but sometimes its a crap shoot. if you defintly cant lose something then id advise finding another hardive and puting xp on it then slave the drive you have xp on now and save files.

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