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XP, Win98 on NTFS + Fat 32 partitons


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I am not sure if this is an application or hardware post. If it is on the wrong forum, please let me know and I can resubmit it on hardware forum.

I bought a new WD120GB HD (2MB Buffer) and I want to use it as my new drive. I currently have a WS 40GB HD that is partitioned roughly as follows:

10 Win98SE Fat 32
20 Data NTFS
10 WInXP pro NTFS

I want to set up the new 120 as follows:

20 Win 98 Fat32
50 Data NTFS
50 WinXP Pro NTFS

I don't want to do a clean install of the OS's, just partition the new drive as stated above, and copy the current 40GB stuff to the new partitions.

How should I go about this?
Such as what program to partition the new drive with or how to use the data lifeguard software that came with the new HD.

Thanks for any help provided.
Symantec Ghost will do it for you. It is not a free program, but then again anything that you might find to do what it is you need done will not be free. Good luck.
couldnt he just copy from your current hard drive, to your new hard drive.. then use a partion application to expand his partions?

seems easier than tracking down another program..


Try Acronis TruImage, which is much more user friendly than Ghost 2003, and does not need a reboot each time to copy system partition etc.
Its cheaper too.

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