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Just setting my dads PC up to allow each of us to log in and have our own individual settings, just a couple of things:

1) Both being admins, is there a way to hide folders, so we can only see what is in our areas?

2) My username was carried forward from the XP upgrade. My dad has his own area, but it's stored under my first user. Anyways to rename this or solve it?

Any help, greatly appreciated...


Hi there,

For starters if you password protect the accounts it will give you the option to make your document and settings private which will stop you getting to your Dad's files and him to yours.

If you have password protected your account and haven't made the folders private you can right click on My Documents in the Start Menu and go to Properties and then click on the Sharing Tab. In there is an option to make a folder private. You can also do this with any folder you create on the hard drive.

You should be able to move your Dad's section from yours to his before you privatise the folders. The documents folders are normally stored under Documents and Settings ... then the User name on the C drive. Alternatively you could move his folders to any Shared Folder and then when he logs in he can move them to his own documents folder.

Any folder that you make private will automatically make all the other folders in side it private too.

Saying all that though you need to have the Hard Drive as NTFS file system and from what I understand this may not be possible on XP Home Edition but I am sure someone can clarify that for you.

I hope that is of some help,
Catch you later,


Why would my "make this folder private" box be grayed out
under the Sharing options on any of my files?

I'd like to privatize a few folders my self.


Im running XP pro with NTFS.

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