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XP Urgent Help



Has anybody got a Hercules Prophet 2 mx to run on an ASUS A7V ( not an asus a7v 133 etc. ) , running XP.....if so could you please tell me how and what bios settings you had them on....my motherboard bios revision is 1009

Problem:- every time I restart windows xp or win 2K , I get a boot-up screen saying the memory on my card is either 16 or 32mb, instead of 64mb...have installed all the updated drivers and windows updates and also the via 4 in 1 etc etc etc

Have mentioned this on other forums but nobody knows how to rectify this

Thanx in advance JohnJohn


yep...CD-Rom's are sorted now....the only problem is that I can't get my Hercules Prophet 2 mx 64mb graphics card to work properly...keeps on displaying incorrect memory on card....works fine if I go into the bios on boot-up, and come straight back out again....or power down machine and then turn back on....seems to me that it is an issue with win 2000 and win xp. These two have a common heritage, and therfore it's no surprise they share
this trait in common.

I had long suspected that 2000 (and therefore maybe XP too) would issue the commands to cold start incorrectly, as Linux used to on some machines, and cause a "not totally hard" reset to be called.

BUT if anyone could corrct me, then please feel free to do so


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So, if I understand correctly this is a long running problem, not just since you flashed your BIOS.

I had a graphics card, which one escapes me at the moment, which would dissapear on a reboot, but on a cold reboot would be found.

I called the tech department of the company and that problem was as you suggested all to do with the pci/agp bus not resetting the card properly. Apparently when you reboot a + or - voltage is sent to one of the cards connectors to tell it to reset. Most cards will accept either. This card on the other hand would only accept a + voltage whereas the board would send a - voltage. ( I may have the - and + the wrong way round here, it was a few years ago ! )

To cut a long story short the only soulution was to change the card.

Have you another graphics card you could try ?


No I haven't got another card to put in its place....the funny thing is I have been talking to another person, who has also been having these problems.....he phoned Hercules up, WHO ADMITTED, that these cards had a bug in them that refused to display the correct memory when using win 2000 or win xp upon restarting a machine....he was told ( this was approx. 6 months ago ) that he would have a new bios flash for him e-mailed by the end of that week....6 months on he is still waiting and they have still to bring the new bios out for this card.....BTW I also phoned Hercules up, quite a few times this week, and they are refusing to admit to their card having any "bugs", and that they have never come across this problem before...yet they have promised to replace this card for me if I choose to...Yet my dilemma is, do I return the card and wait a few weeks for a new one , to find out that the new one will do exactly the same as the old one, or do I just go back to win98se, where everything was fine.......The thing is I really would like to get XP up and running smoothly as it seems a better and stabler OS


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