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XP update problem?


I have XP Pro with SP1 installed. As I have not downloaded any updates for some time I visited the MS update site this morning and after it analysed my system I was told there were some 21 security updates available. I selected most of them and started the download which proceeded to it's normal conclusion without a problem.

Then the system started installing the updates. About a third of the way into this I got a message on screen saying that some of the system files had been overwritten by "unrecognised versions" and it asked me to insert the XP CD so that it could restore the originals. There was a warning that failing to do this would impair the stability of the system. But as I have a clone of the system on another hard drive I declined this suggestion and carried on leaving the unrecognised files in place. The installation of the updates continued and was completed successfully.

The system seems to be running okay but I am not counting my chickens yet!

Has anyone else experienced this, or know what it is about?
Do I have a ticking time-bomb?

Thanks for the info.

I tried the two commands after disabling all memory-resident programs and the system file check ran through with no reports of any problem.

I then rebooted the system and after disabling all other programs tried SFC / SCANNOW on it's own - with the same result.

Should I take it that the previous error message about "unrecognised files" was a false alarm?


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