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XP: Unable to open folder contents across network


The Analog Kid
Hey all...

I have my main pc in my living room with all my media on it. I currently have 3 drives C, D and E. I also have a computer in my bedroom that I use for audio production but also use to watch movies at night. I also have a LG BD390 Blu Ray in my living room that is hardwired to my router. I am unable to open the contents of the E drive on my living room PC on either the machine in my bedroom or from my blu ray. I'm not using simple file sharing and I have tried changing all permissions to allow everything by everyone. I have even tried taking owner ship of the drive again. I was sure to make sure changes were applied to all child objects. No matter what I do, I can not access the folder contents.

If it matters, living room PC is XP, Bedroom is Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate and the blu ray player is DLNA compliant.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
IIRC everyone doesn't mean everyone, it means any user on the computer. Try making a user on the living room PC that has the same username and password as the bedroom PC.

For the bluray player, I've never used DLNA but I think its more of a media client then a file sharing client. Meaning you need to setup media sharing (easy on Win7 not so much on XP).


The Analog Kid
It's just odd because the other drives (C and D) show up no problem. I think the problem begins with the fact that D: was a drive moved from my old machine. I'll try making a new user with my other credentials in morning and see what happens. Also, IIRC, I didn't have this problem in the bedroom when I was running XP (but I could be mistaken, it's mostly a storage drive that I don't often want to access over the network).

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