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I know this is weird and most wont belive me (i didnt believe my daughter either until she showed me). For two consecutive nights while my daughter was composing an email in yahoo and then again while she was trying to login to yahoo the computer was typing by itself. Normally i would think sticky keys bad keyboard etc... But it was typing actual words the phrase "the the end end of the head" over and over again in different patterns but using the same words... I know it sounds crazy but i saw it do this. Any ideas? Since that happend Tues and Thursday night it has not happened again. We are running XP pro and had another PC running 95 that never acted like this.


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I don't have an answer for you but the last time I saw something like this is when my boss gave me his computer to fix it would type "I'm F&^%ing Gay over and over again. It was a very hummors Virus, I hated my boss..... I don't think yours is a Virus but I would definatley do a quick scan.... It only happens with Yahoo: probably some prancster messing with Yahoo.



Okay DAZZ let me see if your 'theory' holds water.

On two seperate occassions each on different days someone hacks into my computer.
Eventhough I am running a firewall i realize that first part is still possible....
However the person hacks into my computer just to f--k with my daughter while she is only in Yahoo. Although it probably took him a while to gain access to my computer 'firewall' and all he or she decides only to type meaningless text and do nothing else....

Yeah Right! Who is DUH! now?



Couple things to ask:

1) Does it always type the same message?

2) Does it do this consistantly; Is there a pattern to when it does and doesn't say this?

3) Does it ALWAYS do this ONLY in Yahoo?

If you answered yes to these questions than you have a virus.

As for your 'Firewall' , a trojan can nearly always use ports that are already open for other things....like (and try not to laugh at this irony)...yahoo messenger. Now wouldn't that be funny?

My best advice:

Go to http://housecall.antivirus.com , and search your puter for viruses. I'd be willing to bet that it shows up with something.


you definitely has a virus or trojan program in your computer. Do a virus scan and get rid of it.


I have a possible cause for you to check - dunno if this is it but I have almost the same symptoms.

Symtoms - in some programs you see words appear on the screen, gibberish phrases but each word is valid english. I don't have yahoo but I was seeing it on my PC 10 mins ago in this forum.

Cause - (in my case). I have laptop with built in microphone. XP has built in speech recognition...usually has to be enabled in programs like WORD but is always on in some programs like IE6. Trouble is you can't see its active so when you cough or erm.. make a noise...its guesses words and types them for you.

How to tell its running? You get pregnant pauses in programs as it hogs the processor converting noise to words and of course gibberish appears where you would enter text. The other way is run up Task Manager (CNTL/ALT/DEL) and look at the Processes tab and say something...you will see a process grab the processor say 50-100% - a process called SAP1SVR.EXE.

End task. Thats it.

Well, maybe your problem is something else. Now how to stop the damn thing from starting every time I re-boot ?

Good LucK.


Hello i need some help to I have a Trojan Virus I think.
Its named: TROJ ANANKHA.A and it`s in WINDOWS/Sys32/Shellext
and on Houscall Virus Check it says Non removable,
if I try to Del og Clen it Say that the Shellext is in use and can not erase og clen....
need help!



elj: try buying or downloading the trial version of norton antivirus. trendnets housecall scan normally sucks at attempting to fix anything.

shaunmccl: I agree with the others in saying you either have a virus or a trojen, Norton is a nice virus protection program at a pretty reasonable price, it should fix all of your problems. if you don't want to shell out the money you can use what elj was using, an online virus scan by trendnet http://housecall.antivirus.com/

greensteed: Have you tried msconfig to see if its in there on boot up?


Housecall is a very fine produkt i love it
it tells you hv you can remove it by deliting some values in Regedit and close ShellExt i End Task manager then run the housecall again an del.!

and now it`s gone!

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