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XP-Tweaking Guide

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
good call j79

I just had a look also, and ya, almost 9mbs of install

I want to get a box to break and see what this is though

very tempting


OSNN Veteran Original
I installed it and it pretty much made the shortcut on my desktop and opened up fine. The file is accually pretty cool! Its like going to a site pretty much.
Didnt give me any problems.

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
well, I backed up, installed

this looks like excellant work

the demonstrations so far look very inclousive

I haven't looked for long, but this looks so far to be a ton of excellant work

very very nice avdhorst


OSNN Junior Addict
Thanx for your compliments.
I know the file is big, but I can't avoid that because there a so many screenshots inside.
I'm still search for a way to compress it more or host this file to a broadband provider.

Have pleasure with it and

....... keep visiting my site daily! :)


Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
I am willing to provide a mirror of the file here on NTFS.org

For now I will download and mirror the .doc file, I will post here once it is done.

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User

if we host the download, could you put in s slight discalimer that all of the tweaks are not neccessarily valid, and some might come at a trade in performnance?

over all, the guide is excellant, however, a guide as inclusive as yours will always have some ideas that need a disclaimer like this


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