[XP Theme] VistaVG Blue Refresh Theme for Windows XP

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
27 Feb 2008
Hi guys

After long time, I'm glad to announce my new theme for Windows XP "VistaVG Blue Refresh".


Its an update over my previous theme. There are a few new features, bug fixes, and small color changes in this updated theme.

I hope you'll like this theme. :)

Download Link
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Ummm...... the windows master with yet another master piece :nervous: Thank you!!
That looks cool. I might try on my Laptop.

Question. Have you ever considered a darker theme, ala' the Microsoft Zune theme? Now that would rock. Well for me anyway.

Once again, it looks very good.
that black one looks like you went OTT with the polish :)

You might want to consider a less shiny black/grey theme.
Hey Vishal,

I like the VistaVG Black a bunch. Laptop look pretty, great work. :D

Oh and Opera 9.5 default theme blends with your theme perfectly.

That looks really nice, naads. You should try the Opera onyx theme, too.
That looks really nice, naads. You should try the Opera onyx theme, too.

Thanks. I went and did my main Puter also. Had to turn off WindowBlinds.

Thank you. I'm really happy that you like the themes. :D

You are quite welcome. Keep up the great work.

One question though, well actually two. On the start menu when you click the start button. Is there a way to use the icons that use to be there for My Computer, Control Panel, Search, Run, etc...? Not really an issue I was just wondering.

Also, is there a way to make the white area in the Start Menu (where you would have your "pinned" apps and your recently run apps list) a bit narrower? Not necessarily a compact menu like other themes. Reason being if you use the "large icon" setting in your Display Properties-Appearance setting some of the name of My Computer, Control Panel, etc... gets cut off.
^^ To show icons, I'll need to edit the theme and release the new version. You can't do it without editing the theme.

Reg to menu cut-off problem, pls change the sub-style to "Blue48" in "Appearance" tab.
Cut off fix works. Thanks

Should have realized the two different icon size thing.

As for the other, let us know when you release the next version. Again, not really an issue but some might like the icons showing. Me... either/or is fine. :)

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