XP system is slow browsing network.




I have two XP systems networked together and I did the registry tweak to remove the search for tasks on the network on bothe machines. One on them works great, but the other one which is also the one with the internet connection is still very slow: 30 secconds at every step in the network: access network, search for computers and enter a network computer. Sometimes after several restarts it works nice onad fast only to find that it lost the conection to the other computer and the other PC looses the internet but when I get the internet working the network becomes slow aggain, and I have tried without ICS and I've tried everything on these fourums I could find and beyond.

Somebody PLEASE HELP ME, I'M DESPRATE, and I realy need to use the network to transfer some files.


Thank You in advance.
I have had problmes browsing the network while using a software firewall such as Zone Alarm Pro.

I eded up going without it and using Microsofts Firewall instead.
I'm not sure how your network is setup-up so I will tell you about mine.

I have two computers - one a LapTop both running WinXP, a small 4 port 10 megabit hub and a Cable modem.

The desktop computer has two Nic cards and is sharing the Internet Connection.

I set up the Nic connected to the Cable Modem as required by the ISP and I set the Nic that connects to my lan as follows:


The TCP/IP as follows:


Advanced / DNS Settings:


Wins and Options I have left alone.

On the other machine the settings are identical exept for the DHCP Setting for the IP:


Both machines are using the default Nic drivers that where installed by XP.

By setting the DNS adress you should limit the amount of broadcasting.

Hope this has helped you some :)
I tried what you suggested but it did not work as it still takes the long time to browse on the central computer.

I noticed something else though, the computer that is slow at browsing has a HCF dial-up modem that it uses to go online and it also shares its internet conection with the network. It seems that the computeer browses the network fine when it is not online but when it goes online with ICS then it is slow at browsing.

Anyboudy know if something with the modem can be slowing things down, or could there be a netwrk service in windows that starts up after the modem conects and it slows down browsing.

Also, I realy like how your theme looks and was wondering what program you used to create it, Windows XP Plus?

Thanks aggain.
Ok - check that these services are running:

Network Connections
Manages objects in the Network and Dial-Up Connections folder, in which you can view both local area network and remote connections.

Network Location Awareness (NLA)
Collects and stores network configuration and location information, and notifies applications when this information changes.

As for the theme - I'm Using Style XP 4 from:
http://www.tgtsoft.com/[\url] An... which you can find at: [url]www.themexp.org

As for the cursor I use CursorXP fro http://www.stardock.com/products/cursorxp
Tried it all & its still is broken

I have remove the registry key, removed the saved passwords from the remote machines, turned off simple file sharing, turned off Netbeui support and still have Serious problems with accessing other Win98 machines on my home network.

I noticed that when I created a new user account on my XP machine that it connected faster than the existing account. Anyone understand why this is happening?

Let's hope MSoft provides a fix soon.
I narowed it down. whenever the server system is online whithe the dial-up modem then it is slow browsing the homw network. I disabled the firewall, dissabled file sharing through the dial-up conection and disableb alow users on network to view and modify this connection and anything else I could tihnk of. The modem is a Rockwell HCF which was installed by Windows XP as the CIS 5614PM3 Data Fax Modem. ANybody know of any newer better drivers for an HCF modem that may fix this little bug?


P.S. I believe this modem basuse more problems then just this as I noticed that if I restart the system when the modem is connected, then scandisk comest up at sturtup scaning for consistency, but everything is fine when I disconect just prior to restarting. Any Ideas?

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