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XP SP1a and JVM



I saw MS issued another version of XP Service Pack 1 named 1a after the Sun Java latest agreement.
The SP1a, correct me if I'm wrong, is SP1 without MS Java Virtual Machine.
Now I already have SP1 installed and I know MsJVM is full of bugs and rather useless to me so I'd like to remove it...
What could I do? I mean I guess I won't remove JVM if I install SP1a over SP1...
Does anybody know how to trash that VM from XPSP1 systems?
I dont belive its possible to totally remove VM (atleast yet or without SPing to a) but if you access "Set Program Access and Defaults" you can disable it and instruct windows to use SunJava instead.


%SystemRoot%\system32\control.exe appwiz.cpl,,3

That will take to to the right module in CP.

p.s VM isnt that bugged just a little unsecure at times :)


Use Sp1a

I installed SP1a last night and it basically removes MS JVM, at least it stops it from working. I then went to SUN and downloaded Sun Java. I didn't bother to check if MS JVM was still lurking somewher, I just know that after the update I know longer had Java internet pages working.


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well you can always try googleing around to see if a standalone copy of msjavavm is still lurking about on the net ...i know i kept my copy of it safe on cd :) might return function of java pages to normal again.


sp1b will include sun java. i'll wait for that.

Microsoft will make available a version of SP1 Upgrade for Windows XP (called Windows XP SP1a) in early February 2003 to comply with restrictions in the order on shipping the Microsoft VM in service packs for Windows XP. Those restrictions take effect immediately upon expiration of the 14-day stay entered by the District Court unless the Court of Appeals issues its own stay. This new version of the SP1 Upgrade will be identical to Windows XP SP1 with the exception that the Microsoft VM will no longer be present. Microsoft will then include Sun's JRE in Windows XP starting with Service Pack 1b in early June 2003. Windows XP SP1b will be identical to Windows XP SP1 with the only changes being the removal of the Microsoft VM and addition of Sun's JRE. Microsoft will release a full media version of Windows XP SP1b in addition to the SP1b Upgrade. Windows XP SP2 will be released later in 2003, and will be a conventional service pack with a variety of engineering fixes to increase the security and reliability of the operating system. Windows XP SP2 will include Sun’s JRE in order to comply with the order.
Read it all here.

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