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XP sound problems



I've been having this problem with sound in XP for awhile that I can't figure out (2 problems really)

The only account on my system is the Admin account.

#1 Even though I've disabled the Windows Startup and Login sounds, they both still play at login/startup (disabling by selecting no sound).

#2 I have a SB Audigy with the latest drivers. I like it set at 35% on the master volume for the headphone/speaker combination I have.

The problem is at system startup, something sets the master volume to 100% (without changing the slider of the master volume). It like something is changing the master volume at startup (which I don't want) without updating the master volume slider. I can not figure this one out.

Thanks for any input.


This is a bugger isn't it!

I have a slightly different problem. I've got a sound Blaster 5.1 surround card. With the old Quadafonic Cambride Soundworks speakers. I load windows and as soon as I click the sound is only outputed through the front right speaker.

I have the latest liveware and just 'test speakers' and this sorts it all out. Also programs such as the playa and power dvd sort it out.

When it tests it it mutes the sound, has anyone got a solution?


hey man, i used to have this problem and what i did was...first set the right speaker options in you control panel->sounds->speakers->advanced ... then i had to have windows play a sound when it started up, apparently when windows plays a sound itll correct the problem automatically like clicking test speakers...btw, this is a reply to the 2nd poster, i dont know what to tell the first poster, besides to check all programs that run on startup (winamp, for instance, will alter your wave volume, turn winamp's volume down)


Cheers dude, normally it sorts it's self out. Depends what i'm doing really if i'm going to watch a film in the Playa, BS player or PowerDVD then it sorts it's self out.

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