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The Analog Kid
16 Mar 2002
Just wondering if anyone has a good guide for making a slipstream XP cd with SP1a, the Update rollup and as many hotfixes as possible? Preferably using Nero. There's alot of guides out there, but nothing that really seems to incorporate everything.
All I found was one to slipstream SP1A that leaves about 40 critical updates from the last 12 months to download. Just wait for the SP2 release, it's due out soon. This is what I used. It uses nero.


  • Slipstreaming Service Pack 1a.doc
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Thanks, that was pretty much what I was looking for. I was hoping to get an easy way to install the individual updates too, but that just looks like too much work from what I've seen on the web
cant wait for SP2 to be slipstreamed into WinXP CD. Will wait till then to make a backup for that.
what the ETA on SP2? Maybe I'll just wait to do an install. Nothing's really wrong right now, my registry just looks like I let a 5 year old run free in it...
SP2 should be sometime this summer (northern Hemisphere, that is!!!). In the meantime, order the MS Security Update CD. It was just announced last week, works for Windows 98 on up, and gets you current to last October. Order it Here


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