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xp shut down problems


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Hello all,

New to this site and did not know where to post this question and thought this looked about right. I have recently taken the plunge a crossed over into the light side and started using broadband. I took advantage of the quick download time and downloaded all of the windows updates.

Now when I hit the shut down windows button, the system hangs and a message appears saying closing programe "Active movie"....this process then goes on ending with the programe is not responding message, to close down hit end button but you may lose any unsaved data. Windows then closes normaly and my macine powers off. I have used system restore to no avail. Does anyone have a fix for this or a reason why XP is now performing like this.



XP Shutdown

2 things you can do

1) go here http://www.aumha.org/a/shtdwnxp.htm

2) Go to Start --> Run and type Regedit Navigate to
Click on the "Control" Folder In the right window you will see this key "WaitToKillServiceTimeout"
Double click that key and set it a value lower than 2000 - Set to 500 & Reboot.


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Thanks for the tips..unfortunately neither worked. The registry tweak made no difference and the site had no information relating to my problem :(
Do you know what 'Active Movie' got installed with? Did you install an older software package... an older version of Office or Money?


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I did not install a new version of active movie.....I have only had the problem since installing the windows updates. When I shut down...the last item that I accessed on my desk top flickers then I get the end programe message as described.
Try logging into the 'Administrator' account (not just an account with admin rights) and shutting down from it. Then try to shut down in your regular account. It may not help, but I just read something about access rights to the registry... something to do with one of those wierd 'administrator only or i die on you' things.


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Anyone else got any idea's. Even Microsoft sem stumped. They say I must download up to dat ADSL modem drivers as this no doubt will be the problem. Trouble is.....I already have the up to date modem drivers.


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