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Didn't see it anywhere here, if it's been done then bite me.

I saw this at another site I am affiliated with.


Hello All!

Here at Microbeta, we always try to provide you with the latest Microsoft Betas.

Microbeta has learned that a new theme, potentially destined for Windows XP, has leaked out of Microsoft and onto the web. The theme appears to have come out of a beta version of Media Center 2005, currently in testing.

The theme is not a substantially different incarnation of the existing of Luna, the current default theme for Windows XP. You can see the main changes in the screenshots below; one could describe it as being a 'glass mod' of Luna.

As Microsoft knows, it is very hard to please everyone when it comes to themes. However, I think they can be reasonably certain that most people will like this new version of Luna. It is unknown whether this theme will make it into XP in the near future; Microsoft could potentially sneak it in at the last point with the soon to be released service pack 2 for XP.

It does NOT require you to install any program or replace any dll.





royale theme

it was posted on this site a few weeks back,you must have dozzed off. going back to the theme as you said most people will like the royale theme. it does need winrar to open the file :) :D


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I really can't see the theme. Could someone wipe off all that crap on the desktop and on the quick launch. Damn :p

Has anyone installed this theme and used it?
Never understood what all the hype about this theme was. It's just same old Luna with a glossy feel to it.
But then again, themes are largely a matter of personal preference.


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Isn't it funky that they can make an OS but when it comes to a good eye candy theme they suck. Kinda like Firefox. :D


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NetRyder said:
At least Qute was a pretty nice default theme for Firefox. I have to agree that the new Winstripe isn't very appealing though.

Yeah, Pissed me off they got rid of it. :(

Winstripe... more like Sideswiped. :p
When I heard that Gerich would be designing the new Firefox theme, I was delighted, seeing as how his Pinstripe is such a superb theme (I'm still using it)
Winstripe doesn't even come close.


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Back to Royale Theme... Now seriously the Luna Theme is nice but why oh why don't they add more color selections. And I don't mean two or three, an even dozen would be a start. Granted they want a good OS :rolleyes: (MicroSquish? riiiiite). But a good theme keeps ya glued to the monitor, aside from functionality. :D

The glassiness of the Royale Theme is nice. Wish we had more screen shots... Any Test Rats :p out there willing ta install it and give us some info?


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I'm using it at the moment and I quite like it. Different from the original blue luna theme I have been using since XP came out, makes a nice change.


gonaads said:
I really can't see the theme. Could someone wipe off all that crap on the desktop and on the quick launch. Damn :p

Has anyone installed this theme and used it?
mmmmm, nope I like to be able to access my things quickly. I wish I could add a teas-made to the desktop, save me walking back n forth to the kitchen!

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