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16 Dec 2001
My neighbour has asked me to format and re-install his XP operating system. However, he also tells me he only has the Rescue Disc supplied when he bought his computer. Anyone know if these XP Rescue Discs can be used to format and re-install.
Yes, a Rescue CD will basically wipe out the contents of the existing partition and restore it to a state that will be pretty much exactly as the system was when he first got it from the manufacturer/store.
Thanks. The Rescue Discs (3) were much better than I expected. They allowed formatting and partitioning. In fact the only downside was that they also installed about 10 other programs. There was no option to just install Windows. Of course the other programs were all out of date.

It seems pointless to put these other programs on the Rescue Discs, and not give an option to just install Windows, and perhaps the sound and video drivers. My neighbour bought the computer a couple of years ago, when XP first came out. Even if he needs to reinstall in another couple of years time, these 10 programs will still be installing themselves, and they will be even more out of date by then.

Still as I said that was the only downside. The Windows installation was fine.
Remember, the OEM manufacturers make $$ by putting those programs on the pc and on the restore discs.
Yeah, I've always thought Rescue CDs include too much crud.
Especially hate the ones that generously bundle AOL in there too.

I'm just happy Dell sent me a nice OEM Windows XP CD with my laptop. All the drivers and software (WordPerfect, WinDVD etc) are on separate CDs. Works out much nicer that way.

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