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7 Jun 2006
im running an xp repair on a machine... dell
memory tested ok -- hard drive didnt show any bad logs with 2 different hard drive test...

its gotten to the point in the repair that says "saving settings" - and its been stuck on 7mins for a while... the only reason im letting it sit and run is because it was stuck on 8mins forever, then it clicked to 7....

the bars are still scrolling and the scrolling paragraphs are still moving....

so it IS moving... just VERY slowly...

any ideas?
i have ran into this with XP repair. And it never finished. I tried to start the repair again and same thing. I ended up formatting and starting from scratch. So good luck, wait it out and hopefully it finishes or someone else can give u better advise.
ive been letting it run

its on 6% now - lol

4mins left - haha

4 of these mins = 4hours

ill wait it out now.... ill keep this thread posted...
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