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Hey folks...finally have a question that I don't think anyone has asked before. If I want to do a repair of XP pro using a slipstreamed XP SP1 cd...first I found that it was unbootable (NTbootloader not found) then second, I tried to do a reinstall from that cd (upgrade). It asked me if I wanted to download updates. Now my question is do I answer NO or Yes? If I say yes will it ignore the sp1 that has been slipsteamed, download all the updates, thereby defeating the purpose of the slipstreaming, or do I answer no, thereby allowing the slipstreaming to work? I apologize for my rambling and hope somehow you can make so sense out of my question.


I can't say anything about whether downloading the updates would cause the installer to ignore the slipstreamed SP1, but I can say something about the bootable CD. There is a method of making the slipstreamed CD bootable. I'm just not too sure exactly how it works anymore. I found a webpage that had step by step instructions, but it isn't there anymore.

Earlier I had discovered that any changes made to the origional CD caused it not to boot, but there is a utility that makes the CD bootable. I found out about it when I read that page I mentioned. I have a bootable copy of Win XP that has been slipstreamed. It works fine. I've already used it to reinstall my OS. I don't think I let the installer get anything new from the net since I figured SP1 was the newest version of Windows XP that was available.

Good Luck.


Thanx for the quick reply. I too have been to all those sites and thought I had overcame the slipstream problems...did all the extractions per directions, did the update merge do dah per the directions and burned the cd, then I converted to NTFS (although I don't think that would cause the NTbootloader not found prompt). I thought all was well until I attempted to boot with it. Since I wrote my question, I have been trying to make another bootable, slipstreamed cd and am once again runing into the same problems as everyone else that follows the directions from the various sites. I had overcome them some months before, but now I can't remember how I did it. Geez, I hate getting old!


Making progress...figured out how to integrate the sp1 do dah...now I will try to burn the bootable cd and see if it boots. Thanx for your continued suggestions.

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