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Does anyone know how you reactivate your XP if you uninstall and format it off your system. :(
When you reinstall it you will have to re-activate it

If you reinstall the OS on the same computer, you'll need to reactivate. Since the hardware hasn't changed, you can reactivate through the Internet.

Windows XP, WPA creates a nonunique value based on up to ten pieces of information from your video card, network card, SCSI controller, hard drive, CPU, and memory configuration. The tool then uses a combination of the 25-digit product ID code and the nonunique value to create a number, which Microsoft exchanges for a code that activates your copy of the OS.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times withouth having to reactivate, others have had to reactivate. No big deal either way, MS won't give you a problem.

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