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XP recently decided to lockup on me

Kevin Ar18

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About a week ago, XP all the sudden started locking up on me for no reason. I've used XP for a year now and have never got a hard lockup like this. The worst I've had is a bluescreen cause by older OEM video drivers, and some software/progams that caused havoc at times.

The circumstances surrounding the lockup was nothing special.
I was typing an email and got the lockup. After I rebooted I got lockups a few seconds after startup. I booted into safe mode as well but it still locked up!!!! Then I rebooted another time into debug mode and was able to use the computer.
Since that day I've gotten at least 2 or 3 more lockups, but lately they've only happened in Blender (a 3D modeling application)

So far I have done the following:

CPU - seems ok
My dad cleaned all the dust out of the case - this did lower the temperatures, but still I got the lockups.
According to the realtime CPU clock, the processor is not clocking down like Pentium 4's do when they overheat and the temperature did not get high enough to overhead the processor. So, I've kind of ruled out the processor.

Video card - seems ok
I've considered the video card. I felt it by hand after the lockup and it was warm, but not hot on the back of the card. The actual chipset was not warm.
I also freed up the PCI slot just under the card in case it neede better cooling or something, but still got a lockup when I did that.

RAM - seems ok
I ran MemTest-86 v3.0 several times over (15 maybe?) all tests and got no errors.

Recently I updated by BIOS and changed my video card drivers back to the ones my OEM recommends. So far I haven't had no lockups....

Rigt now I'm wondering about my harddrive? chkdsk recently detected some errors on it and the drive is kind of loud (I don't like it's pitch) Can a failing hardrive cause a sudden lockup?

Is there any other hardware related issues that I should check other than may loose cables or something?

Some of the relative system specs:
Pentium 4 1.5Ghz
Chipset: 845
Memory Controller Hub: 82845
I/O Controller Hub: 82801BA (ICH2)
512 MB SDRAM CL3 (2 256MB chips)
NVIDIA Vanta (TNT2 chipset) - this card has NO heatsink or fan; that's simply how it's designed; guess it doesn't need it; the system has worked fine for a year with this card
WD400EB hard drive


MS-DOS 2.0
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I would bet it is your hard drive. I had a similar situation back in the day with Windows 95. The hard drive was crap, and to reformat and reinstall Windows 95 on that hard drive was to get another failure a day or two later. Considering how long it used to take to do all that, it wasn't fun.

The errors were exactly what happened when my 40 GB refurb drive (I got it for free, so I guess I get what I pay for) died a couple weeks ago.


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