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ok...i own a Athlon 1700+ XP, with 256 megs of ddr ram....i installed xp...ran fine...now it runs as fast as a 200mhz pc.or slower....only 2 errors i have really occured...was "windows file protection" error..and "virtual memory issue"....i disabled most of the services...and set my virtual memory to 384 to 384...dont really know what else i can do....takes like 20 seconds to load a folder sometimes....plz help.thx


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Dec 6, 2001
The problem might be the services you disabled...just what were there..and what files did you change that your getting the file protection error? I'd try setting your services back to default and going to the command line and running a

SFC /scannow to replace any corrupted system files.


ok...the pc going slow....issue was before my action of disabling the services...and somebody told me of this website..it had tweak settings for gaming..supertweaks..and safety....i did the ones for gaming.....virtual memory is 1.5 times my amount of ram which is 256....when i load ram booster....once it gets to 140megs of ram freed...it says "out of memory"......but the status usually shows below 100 megs of ram freed...30-50...or less....;\....i really need help....i usually play video games on that pc...but now...i'd rather play games on my 600mhz pc.;\


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try just doing a system restore and then tweaking it a little at a time...

with your sys you will not have any problem with most games... sure you might have a little glitch-age here and there but come on... its better than a 200 mhz sys :)

anyhow... once you have done a sys-restore or a fresh install of xp... whatever tickles your fancy... go through and turn on/off things as you please...

I am assuming you are an experienced user... one of my computer literate friends just downed his system by deleting half his winnt folders to free up some space to get more virtual memory :D

don't make a booboo... just go a step at a time... :D


heh...i previously had a fresh install of win2k..but i found it too laggy in games..with lots of packet loss...so i upgraded to xp....although 2k was still listed as an OS..i deleted the winnt folder though...since xp was installed in c:\windows....and system restore was one of the features i turned off...in services....i'm planning on re-enabling later though....not sure how much percent i should set it at....i currently have 69 gigs of free space out of 112 gig...what percent would guarentee a backup for atleast 2 days before a mis-hap....also....it takes like 10-20 seconds to load/open a folder.it is slower than 200mhz...which is y i'm typing this on my 600mhz pc..;)

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