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XP Problem or other?



:blink: I am having a problem that hopefully someone can help with. About 2 weeks ago, my system started freezing up intermittently (sp). Sometimes it won't freeze, sometimes it does 100 times a day. I have run just about every diagnostic available on it and nothing is coming up problematic. I thought it might be my video card (I had a TNT 2 M64 in when this started) so I switched out vid cards, that didn't help. I thought that the registry might be a bit too cluttered so I cleaned the registry, that didn't help, I have checked time and time again for virii/adware/spyware and always come up clean as a whistle. I don't really have the option of reinstalling XP (I have way too many programs on here that would take WAY too long to reinstall everything). Any assistance anyone here could give would be graciously accepted. If any more information is needed, please feel free to ask.
urmm, maybe dodgy RAM, see about changing them out with another, if you have two sticks then remove one, boot up and test, then do the same with the other.

Diagnostic software will not aways be able to catch something intermittent like that, as when the software does the test it might report OK and then the error comes on and your PC crashes.

Can you tell us more about your config and also any system and CPU temperatures as well if poss.


Unfortunately I have no way to monitor my CPU temp. I have thought about that possibility as well. Motherboard Monitor 5 doesn't like my motherboard. ... I am running a k6/2 450 with 160 Megs, right now, I have a Velocity 128 in for Video, a P(iece)O(f)S*** sound card on an 5ALI61 Motherboard.


Also, these are NOT "Crashes" they are "freezes" that last anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. (Very rarely have I EVER had XP actually crash on me)
I had an old laptop with XP Pro and it never froze. Since the first of October I have has a new laptop with XP Pro and I have had problems with freezing and going very slow. i have repaired the OS twice and done a clean install twice. Why is the new system so different?

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