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OK, I bought xp pro upgrade for 99 bucks. Now can i upgrade it with a Windows ME OEM restore CD? I dont have the ME installed...
should work..

If it is a restore disk it will work... thats just basically same thing as installing it m8 but with maybe a programme here and there...

In the official ms forums they say no, but then again they may just want me to buy the full version. Has anyone did this so I can be sure?

I never normally install the full OS... neraly always use a ghost (system restore) which is MUCH MUCH MUCH quicker (2 mins!!! :)) and also has programmes installed too... so no ned to reinstall them :).

The 3 comps on my LAN which use XP are all (I think at least 2 i'm sure off) are all ME/98/2k (can't remeber which one) ghosts and then installed XP on top... all work perfect!!!

So it pretty safe to say that it will work unless the system restore packer is phucked :)

But you'll never know untill u try it :)


P.S. ALWAYS backup data!!! I am NOT liable for any data gone missing :) Apart from the PORN!!! :p
was it a restore cd from dell or gateway? or did you buy the ME cd to upgrade 98 or 95? Like I have a cd that will restore the system. How bout if I borrow a friends xp pro to clean install. will that vouch as a viable cd?
hm, maybe.

i used a CD i bought from BB.

I would recommend finding someone w/ a previous copy of windows upgrade or full.
Look for the *.cab files in the restore disk...that's all windows setup needs to look at.

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