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XP Pro Sp2, Active Desktop Issue, IE Script Error?


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Hey guys,

Recently on two of the computers we have here, we have been getting active desktop error messages. You know, the one with the white screen and text, that gives you a button to restore your desktop? Well if you click the button to restore the desktop, you get this message:

Now just to report, this computer was also having some weird IE Issues, where when trying to open up the application it would just create another shortcut. I scanned the machine for viruses and found 5, which the user stated he opened his email and some attachments that he thought was legit... shame Symantec Live Protect did not catch it.

Unfortunately, downstairs now we have a computer that's having the same active desktop error message issue. Any idea what this may be? I'm scanning for viruses now, however none have been detected.


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I had this problems too a long time ago. I seem to remember that it happened after I had adjusted the settings of a certain directory (by rightclicking in an empty space in a directory and then choosing adjust this directory (or map/folder) = translated from Dutch, maybe the option is called differently =). With this option you can change the look of the map, or make it a map specially for pictures / music etc .

It went away when I restored the default settings for this map. So maybe this works 4 U2?
Trash your cache and cookies (delete) - Under Internet options, go to Program tab and click reset web settings.

If you have already done this, we will step further into the issue as needed.

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