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Hi everyone, i just bought a new sony vaio notebook with xp pro on it.. everything has been running fine on it until i've started to play some fullscreen dvd's... everything i do, an error report pops up and tells me window's explorer has to shut down... and it does.. and half the programs running in the try quit, i don't know what to do with it. i've installed norton system works to see if it can find a problem, but it can't. i've reinstalled xp see if it was that, it wasn't. so i really have no clue. i'm running a mobile p3 one gig, xp pro, intel graphics controler... thats about it...
thanks for the help
Did the notebook come with a disk image CD? Or did it come with all the software titles on separate cds? If you don't have the disk image cd and have all the software titles that came with it on separate cds (XP, etc.) then you might consider taking that critter back for a replacement, try the same thing with the new one and see if it was a bad something or other on the first one. Don't know what else to suggest.
and also what program are you useing to play DVD's?

WinXP's native DVD player? WinDVD, Xing DVD?

I've worked on two of the vaio laptops, and haven't had the problem you describe. When explorer shuts down, it only looks like the systray programs are closed. Ctr-Alt-Del will show that they are still running, just no longer visible in the systray.
Have you closed or disabled any of the services (services.msc)? Most of them are unnecessary for the average user, but a couple are essential for operation.
What about your display settings? Have you changed them to lower resolution so you can see better? This would cause a problem w/full screen resolution and playing of almost any dvd program, but wouldn't necessarily explain why explorer would want to shut down unless mem resources are too low, which makes me wonder how many programs are running in your background? If you have a lot of programs (and vaio has a lot of default crap running from the word go) then you don't have the memory resources the dvd program needs to run properly, which would cause a system error and explorer would step in to try to re-stabilize. Close any non-essential background programs.

well, yes i have a lot of stuff running in the background and i close them, but it just not with the dvd playing. it just just randomly happening, for no apparent reason, i could just be sitting and staring at the screen and the error message will pop up. it doesn't really do anything, its just really annoying. thanks again

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