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xp pro passwords expired, unable to log on



recently i was away for almost a month from my computer. when i returned back home i found that i could not log in to my computer under any sn's with administrator status because my passwords had expired. the only way i could access some of my computer's programs was to use the guest account, but the guest account is very limited.

i now know how to disable the passwords from expiring, but i don't know what to do now because i am helpless as a guest user. =( the only information i have found on this topic pertains to forgotten passwords, etc.

if anyone knows anything, about the topic of logging back in as an administrator once passwords have expired, i would greatly appreciate any advice. thanks~
you'll probably have to reinstall it, but when you do, don't do a clean install (ie. format the harddrive and startover) try installing over top of the existing installation someway.


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That is a possible solution however its seems to make everything very slow and you can have more problems then if u done a clean install but its up to if u want to install over the existing installation.


actually i tried to log in using safe mode, but it still said i could not alter any of the settings because i did not have administrator status. i only had one sn with administrator status, along with one guest account.

if i have to repair or reinstall xp then i guess that's my main option right now. thanks for the 411. =)
to get into the hidden default admin account (the one you cant delete as NT people know) its Ctrl+Alt+Del twice at logon screen, try that with no password maybe

as it reads from MS:

The Welcome Screen
By default, Windows XP Professional uses the Welcome screen to allow users to log on locally. To log on, click the icon for the user account you want to use. If the account requires a password, you are prompted to enter it. If the account is not password protected, you are logged on to the computer. You can also use Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the Welcome screen to get the Log On To Windows dialog box. This enables you to log on to the Administrator account, which is not displayed on the Welcome screen when other user accounts have been created. To use Ctrl+Alt+Delete, you must enter the sequence twice to get the logon prompt.

worth a try and when you do get in, create a password reset disk so you won't have this problem again


If you can get to my computer and Right click my computer\properties\system restore. This will allow you to go back to a week or 2 ago and restore your system to that date. Then go in and change your password.

Remember, you will lose some things that you recently downloaded by going back.

Good Luck


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