xp pro login problem

My g/f's computer has XP PRO on it. 2 days ago when you booted the computer it would boot right to the desktop. After installing software for an HP printer, windows now stops at the login page and she has to click on her username to get in. There is no password or anything. How do i get this back to normal?

Thanks in advance


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In User Accounts there is an option for using the login window. I'm not on XP right now or I'd be more specific... but you should be able to find it there.


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go to start run and type in control userpasswords2 take the check mark off of users must enter a username and password to use this computer it will ask you which user to auto login and say ok, then say ok and ure done


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Goto windows update and make sure you have Microsoft .netFramwork 1.1 updated all the way, if the printer installed an old version of this it would cause your problem :)
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