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I have made a backup ISO from my XP Pro. Unfortuanatly my original disk is scrached. When tring to install my backup I get and error stating that it cannot copy slbcsp.dll from the CD. Is there any help that I can get about this error or any workarounds?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Microsoft wants to send me a new CD by mail, but I can't wait that long to get my OS up and running. It may take weeks.


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If you have the money, I highly recommend investing in a product called the "Skip Dr." It fixes scratches in CD's and DVD's very well. It's $30, but it has probably saved me over $1000 in scratched CD's.


what program are you using to copy? I recommend CloneCD because of the CD protections. I have made an iso of mine, but only to fail on the install. I used CloneCD without a hitch.

With the scratch, try burning it at a slow speed, it shouldnt be so sensitive to that sort of stuff.
Originally posted by catch23
I've done it you imbecile...You don't have a clue about how a CD contains data.
Oh REALLY?? Let me tell you something catch23, There is NO WAY you can rub the data away from the underside of the CD. Do you know why? I didn't think so. The data my friend is not stored on the underside but on the top side, just below the reflective surface. So if you want to "rub off" the data from the underside of the CD, you have work to do. Sure you can f*ck up the CD, but thats because you scratch the surface even more by rubbing it.
If you don't believe me check this out:

Also, fingerprints are often worse than scratches (at least radial scratches). Therefore a little to much wax will probaly just make it worse.
just to piss everyone off, it "is possible" to rub data off a cd. More precisely a cd-r. You see, you could rub far enough down to where you were taking ink off. But realisticly, I don't think anyone would ever rub that hard.


So many miss-informed people, I wonder what the tech world is coming too.

Zedric.., you are right, I've read simillar accounts about CDs.

Catch23.., your talking boll***s

Dreamliner77.. theoreticaly your right.. but as you said..practically its extremely unlikely.


maybe it was some paint thinner or simillar.. yeah that would damage a CD.

I didnt mean to make you feel like I was ganging up on you, it just goes to show how acturate you need to be.. we all know something about PCs, together we are xp-erience.org :)


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never heard about the rubbing off thing, but I have seen/heard weird stuff before and that is all I know...

I am going to get a crummy cd I have never used before and see if this can happen :)

the only thing I can think of is if you use wax... of a color... it might make the surface reflect light in a manner which the cd-rom cannot read... very possible... also if you lwave a deposit of wax or whatever on the plastic surface ... it might make it difficult to read again..

however I can't see you rubbing OFF the data... but again I am going to try doing it and see if I can achieve this feat myself...

one thing about doing anything to cd's

Always rub from the inside out or outside in. Circular patterns cause the most difficulty for lasers. Just think of how the laser tracks on the cd. It makes sense.
Originally posted by catch23
Bye the way, I never guaranteed you would ruin the CD if you rubbed it in the mentioned manner...I do know the first time I tried...it did.
It's easier to ruin a CD if you rub around it rather that in-out or out-in, yes. It was just the "rub the data off"-part that sounded a bit funny. :D Sorry man, can't help it.
My 2 cents.
Somebody told me like 2 days ago that he called Tech Support for either "Dell" or "Gateway". He was having trouble with his recovery disc(k) :) when he called Tech Support they told him to use Pledge and rub from the center out. He said it worked after that. Also from what I have read, that Disc Dr. doesn't work on CD-R/W disc. They are dyed on, unlike the ones from the manufacture which are stamp on. Correct me if I am wrong.
Originally posted by Sinster
Also from what I have read, that Disc Dr. doesn't work on CD-R/W disc. They are dyed on, unlike the ones from the manufacture which are stamp on. Correct me if I am wrong.
Shouldn't make a difference. The light fraction factor (or whatever it's called) of the plastic could be different of cource.


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Well, I microwaved a CD standing upright in blue tack, and I had my own little lightning storm inside the microwave :D Now that is how to ruin a CD, whilst being more entertaining than using turtle wax :)

PS Don't do too many cos it severely screws the magnatron in the microwave and it ends up taking 10 minutes just to boil water lol

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