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XP Pro Compatible with Vista Mainboard?


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Hi All,

Just a quick question.

Can i still run XP Pro on a Asus M2N32-SLI Premium VISTA Edition Motherboard.

Does the "Vista Edition" mean it has other perks available when Vista is installed ?



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I've never heard of a motherboard that can only run Vista and not XP. I would think it's just a marketing phrase to let you now it's fine to use with Vista.
thats because newer chipsets and processors are too fast :) the timing is all out as far as the older OS's are concerned so they miss alot of critical events or fire them off at the wrong time. End result: BSOD.


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i guess "VISTA Edition Motherboard" means that MoBo contains disk with fista drivers. The same thing was when win xp appeared, there were slogans "desinged for win xp" and so on.

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