XP Pro bootup screen



Maybe someone has a tip that will solve my problem:

I flashed the mobo and vid card BIOS and have tried several Nvidia Det drivers but am still having problems. STRANGE problems!

My computer seems to lock up or the screen goes screwy at the initial Windows XP Pro boot up screen (the one with the progress bar). The screen usually blinks a few times then goes all screwy. Then I need to reboot a few times or go into safe mode then it seems ok.

However, the problem only seems to arise when the computer has been sitting (off) for a few hours or more! Once i get it running, i can reboot a hundred times with no problem. BUT, then the next morning, it goes screwy again.

I am so stumped and frustrated. I dont have another DVI card to try, so what can i do??? Are there specific motherboard BIOS serttings i should be looking at? I dont want to have to return this beautiful monitor! HELP ME. It owrks fine with Win2000!

Thanks for any help.


any splats?, is there two monitors in safe mode? Check ur agp settings in the bios, what video card?


I am using a PNY GF3 ti500 with a DVI connected to a Dell 20" flat panel that runs optimally at 1600x1200.

I have literally tried EVERY detonator driver i could find (about 15). I alwas have this same problem at the boot-up screen. During the boot up process the lights on the keyboard and mouse blink (drivers are loading right?).

It is right after this that the screen goes screwy, especially, if it has been sitting off. When evertyhting is warmed up, it looks great and works fine.

i tried Win2000 and that seems to work much better. I guess it doesnt like XP pro. Which really sux b/c i like XP!

Any advice? Whats a splat? ps: safe mode always works fine.


a splat is one of those yellow or red ! in your device manager, check your ACPI settings, your motherboard is agp 2.0 right. Maybe check the event viewer

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