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XP Pro Boot



I've recently became aware that the system restore wasn't working. It said the drives were monitored by I couldn't even create a set point. I inserted my XP CD and tried to use the repair but I managed to add another OS to the system. I was able to get the restore to work again but when I boot the machine it asks which OS I would like to use. I have 5 seconds to do this. In System Config. Utility, boot.ini tab, I see the Windows XP Pro and Xp Pro setup. The setup is the default and when I try to change it, the Start up in the general tab is changed from the normal startup. Is there any way to remove the setup and have the XP Pro the only OS so it doesn't ask and boots straight to Windows? Thanks.

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What do you mean by the 'setup'? No other operating system installed, just the one? If so get into the xp operating system then right click my computer/properties/advanced/startup & recovery/settings/edit. In there you will find the boot.ini. Edit out the line you don't want. (BE CAREFUL)

In future if system restore is not working (I never trust it) go to the my computer/system restore & turn it off, reboot, go back & turn it on. You will lose all restore points & another will be created fresh from there. It then should work.............till you need it. :rolleyes:


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It sounds like your computer thinks its in the process of setting up Windows. You haven't actually installed another copy of XP yet, but it's trying to each time you boot. I would allow it to go into the setup, and once you get in, cancel it and I think that will end the process. What Hipster Doofus suggested will work as well, but instead of risking deleting something wrong, you could just set XP as your default OS and have it boot immediately without the 5-second pause.

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