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XP Pro and Office XP



Finally I have resolved an issue I posted on a thread a couple of weeks ago about an unexpected file corruption than didn't let me boot win xp pro. I solved it using ontrack system suite 4.0 registry fix. Honesltly I never thought it will fix it, i installed it to get a decent firewall and AV software and as an option to Norton SS which apparently has many issues with XP. After testing XP by rebooting several times and installing games and programs and then unistalling them , I decided that the system was finnally stable and installed office xp and publisher 2002. I rebooted and now can't log into windows, safe mode or last known configuration don't work. Windows displays a mesage that says that they apologise for the inconvenience, but a recently installed application has caused the system to crash and cannot boot. Now aren't office and publisher Microsoft applications that are supposed to work smoothly under Windows XP??? All programs total $600+...!!

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o thats harsh.
well if you have the xp cd you can boot from it try doing a repair,
but if I whrere you I would have formated the Hdisk installd XP all over again then the AV and the firewall, and then evrything should work fine.
We all know M$. There programs should run fine under Windows XP.... yada yada bullshit. After a couple of patches they still wont work and you paid lots of money for a couple of stupid cd's.
So much for flaming M$ :D

Try to reinstall office XP or Windows XP...


yup, a clean install always works better, thanks man

Just as a comment: doesn't this royally suck??...another companies' software fixed a problem for MS and now a MS well known application such as OFFICE XP causes another error or incompatibility??? Give me a break!
M$ is better in making patches than programs. I use Norton Utilities to fix all the errors in windows.
But we all have to suffer this, because M$ is extremely rich...

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