XP performance really slow.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by donkey, Jul 5, 2002.

  1. donkey

    donkey Guest

    I got XP about a month ago. My specs are AMD 1800, 512MB DDRAM, Geforce 4, so my system is fairly fast.

    The first 2 weeks I had the system, I had I think 2 games installed and it was running fine. I then installed around 10 games from cds and then a massive slowdown on windows occured.

    I clicked an application and 5-10 mins later it would open. When I shut down the computer it wouldn't. It would just be normal and then 10-15 mins later it shut down.

    I uninstalled most of the games but the problem was still there. I then reinstalled Windows XP and went to the Microsoft site and downloaded all the XP updates (48MB all up).

    After this, windows was running fine. Normal speed but then I reinstalled the game I previously deleted and now it's slow again.

    I'm assuming that it might be something to do with the games but some are fine as it worked before when I had a few games installed.

    Can anyone explain what is wrong here? I can't seem to fix this and I'd like to get my computer back to normal. Do some games slow Windows down or something.

    Any help would be appreaciated.
  2. Gouk

    Gouk Guest

    Which ever game it is, I advise you to scan the CD or installed directory for viruses.

    Even better, you should do a full virus system scan.
  3. Metalplane

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    Little more to it than just defragging

    First thing to so is look and see what services have been started automatically, try settaing them back to manual. Also check the System Configuration Utility and see what is running in the startup section, in XP none of these have to be checked, XP will run just fine with none of them checked. I would also check to see if you have picked up any spy-ware, you might want to run Ad-Aware (www.lavasoft.nu)
  4. [CpK]Bastid

    [CpK]Bastid Guest

    probably more than just defregging

    but why not start with the easiest:)
  5. donkey

    donkey Guest

    Thanks for the suggestions but after installing I ran adware and defragged as well.

    I've deleted everything again, reinstalled windows, downloaded the updates and am using one game (Grand Theft Auto 3) and everything is running fine.

    Some games just stuff it up. I ran them and checked the pc's performance while each game was running and when I had exited the game and some games were still using 100% of the pc after they had finished. Would this have something to do with it.

    How do I check what services are started automatically and the system configuration for startup?

  6. HAHA Goku

    Everyone loves metal slug!
  7. donkey

    donkey Guest

    Got msconfig up but I don't know enough about what's running to disable something. Is there anywhere to find this out or help me with what to disable or check for?
  8. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    Take a screenshot and I'll show u ' step by step '
  9. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

  10. Henyman

    Henyman Secret Goat Fetish Political User

    step bt step 4 u mate ( wid screen shots)

    1) go start>>run + type msconfig + press return u then get something similar 2 start up 1.

    2) click start up as shown in start up 1.

    3) remove the tick's as nesesary + click ok 2 save changes.start up 2.

    this shuld help a bit.
  11. Henyman

    Henyman Secret Goat Fetish Political User

    umm yeah the screen shot's, soz m8 i forgot:p
  12. Henyman

    Henyman Secret Goat Fetish Political User

    + the second :D :D
  13. 2z

    2z OSNN Gamer

    Have you got your games & apps installed on the same partition as windows ????
  14. housman

    housman Guest

    xp slowdown games

    I had this trouble with xp even with 1gh pentium 3, 500 of mem,
    geforce 3 card so I thought its looks like another upgrade.
    How can I hide that from the wife?
    No it cant be that, so I thought a bit,read some of monthly xp magazine and went into control panel, then into system properties, then into advanced,clicked performance, in perf options clicked on adjust for best performance-it was on adjust for best appearance, or it may be on let win choose whats best for your computer. Choose adjust for best performance,it gets rid of all wonderful fades and animation etc but performs games performance on your computer by lots.
    It may not help you but it helped me. Also get Tweakxp, its in the win xp official mag this month, its great for getting rid of the dross and making programs run faster-that why you have windows to run programs-I think Bill gATES FORGOT THAT CONCEPT.
  15. Grinder714

    Grinder714 Guest

    GET A P4 Northwood......rofl JK :D
  16. donkey

    donkey Guest

    Here a screenshot of my startup. It's edited to show all 15 that's why the slider on the side's stuffed up.
  17. Kylie

    Kylie Guest

    1. definetly bin office!!! what a hog
    2. nwiz and nero check ditch
    3.money express
    4. incd if you dont use it
    5. ctfmon is a twat, its part of office [word] i think.. even after stopped it restarts itself. There is a fix but its a pain
    6 messenger. only allow it when you want it!!
  18. wufong

    wufong Guest

    These are my start up progs-

    IDW logging tool
    Microsoft Office
    Microsoft Calender Reminders

    Most I Don't know what the do or if I use them or not- which can I get rid of?:)
  19. Kylie

    Kylie Guest

    rundll32 - needed
    nwiz - to do with norton - safe to remove
    evntsvc - not needed if single home user not lan
    bgswitch - if its just you no need, hogs
    taskswitch ---
    fast --- as above if just you remove
    qttask - pass
    IDW logging tool - pass but its obviously a logger of sorts
    Microsoft Office - NO WAY !! REMOVE it
    Microsoft Calender Reminders -- only again if you want nagging
  20. wufong

    wufong Guest

    nwiz not for nvidia?:confused: