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XP.org Famous?

Just who knows about this place, any big corps, or companies...

Microsoft, know about this great place?

I think it would be cool to know ;)
No WaY! TV!?!?

Can someone post pics and if someone could put the tv spot on mpeg so that I may see !?

That is astonishing!

Electronic Punk

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Unisol wasn't me, but someone did, they never did get around to scanning the image, which was a shame.

to my knowledge, it has appeared in the Daily Telegraph here in the UK too,

It has also appeared in ComputerActve and some PC Utilities mag I splashed out a £5 for, for the simple reason it had the site in. Kinda regret it now, especially as I have since spilt beer on it.

People don't cry about spilt mil, but beer is another matter.
I want to see magazine ads or a movie of a commercial I don't care how big the download is; please provide someone! :D

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