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XP on Mac



My brother wants to put XP on his Mac(model unknown)using a program called virtual PC .Has anyone tried this ?Are there any problems with XP supporting for this setup?
He has 98se on there at the moment with no probs.
Yeah, I've seen people using Windows XP on VirtualPC for Macs.
It seems to work well.

I wouldn't know the details, coz I don't own a Mac myself ;)
that's no different that Wine (Linux windows emulator) or the one that lets you emulate windows in linux. Any emulator is going to be slow. If he wants to run Windows then why did he buy a MacinTRASH?

Perris Calderon

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look...I used to defend mac users....there were some benefits to that os

I can't do it anymore.

there is nothing that you come out ahead from using a mac

the only people that should consider it, are the graphics specialists, for the extra ability mac is supposed to give these programs...but this is not a huge differance anymore

also, laptop users can consider it for the triple battery life...that's cool.

otherwise, w/xp...mac gives you nothing but the feeling that you are not part of the masses.

oh....it also gives you bigger bills


I may actually be insane.
Windows is a great o/s
Mac OSX is a great o/s
Slackware is a great o/s
FreeBSD is a great o/s

Can't we just leave it at that? The guy asked a question, and he gets grief for owning a mac, or at least his brother doing so.

In responce to your question, yes, Windows XP may be ran via Virtual PC, the performance of the o/s will of course depend on your machine specification.



He got a Mac cos like graphics software ,it is also regarded by the music industry as the way to got for using home recording sequencers.
Only thing is I acquire a heap of PC based recording software (from a contact who doe's pro recording on PC's)to try out.

Having a Mac he can't try them out for himself so he found this solution cos he heard XP is comparible to MacOS for stability.

I think his mac is a 600mhz model which would only be considered adiquite to run XP on a fresh installed PC.
So I take it Running XP vai emulation on a Mac to record with say
Pro Logic audio to generate wave files,post software effects and multi track mixdowns might be pushing the envolope a bit.


I may actually be insane.
Mixdowns etc don't exactly go too well on a normal PC running windows ;)
I'm not sure how the emulation of windows will utilise the Mac's power, I think the only way you're going to find out is to give it a try.


600 Mhz? is that a G4, if it is a G3 forget it you will pull your hair out. i have XP Pro running on my 500 Mhz TiBook G4, and its slow. i also have a (new) alienware 3 Ghz P4, so i guess saying it is slow is an understatment. but that is because of my place of reference.

as far as running audio software emulated, you will not be happy. i have used a dual 1.25 Ghz G4 at work with Win XP Pro and it was usable, but not speedy. VPC 6 just came out, wich helps with emu of XP Pro a lot. but bottom like is XP is SLOW under VPC, especialy under OS X. if you are going to run XP on the Mac, reboot into OS 9. the reason for this is OS X does not allow apps like VPC to hog the CPU like OS 9 does, and VCP NEEDS to hog the CPU. u can 'renice' VPC in OS X, that helps a lot. there are premade AppleScripts to do that, if you want one i suggest the excellent macosxhints site and board. Win2k in VPC is a lot faster, if the software you are using will run under 2k.

you people that bash Mac's discust me. i dont bash Windows, or Linux, i just use them. and ya know what, being able to use them all is a lot better than just being able to use one OS. i wish there was a Mac emu for Windows that was as nice and full featured as VPC is.

Perris Calderon

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that's a great post meancode

and you are correct, and I wish I never made that anti mac post I made.

I love the 10, and I eat crow.


btw, welcome to this board
Originally posted by meancode
i wish there was a Mac emu for Windows that was as nice and full featured as VPC is.
I wish so too :D

BasiliskII and some others can emulate the old Macs and they can run up to OS 8.1, but PPC emulation isn't here yet ... which means no OS X :(

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