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I'm sorry Hal...
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6 Jan 2002
Xp doesn't seem to recognise my CD writer. It works and everthing, i use Nero and CloneCD with ease. but i can't use the built in drag and drop recorder and on the properties of the drive there is no recording tab

i have a traxdata cdrw8432
Pop into Administrative Tools and check that your "IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service" is active. If it is active, then you have a problem !!
it wasn't on (but i could still burn using nero, even though it says it can't burn if its not on) so i started it, but still nothing, no recording tab. i changed the startuptype to automatic and restarted but it didn't start when it came back up, so i started it again, but still nothing
I have a problem with nero, it thinks that my cd writer isn't a writer. I can select it as a reader, but not writer.. duh =/

Remove the "cd burning" update Q309691, or something like that, reboot then go to MS and get the update again...

Problem solved...
God damn it Gump, your a god damn genuis!

it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm having the same problem. I notice there is a new updated Q309691 file on M'Soft's update site. I went to uninstall it and it gave me a popup that said a lot of programs wouldn't work if I uninstalled it so I backed out. Is it really safe to uninstall?

MiseryQ's suggestion was to uninstall it and then reinstall it Jazzgirltx... give it a go and let us know if it fixes your problem.
I just uninstalled and reinstalled it. Here is a more descriptive write-up of the problem. I have been using the XP copy utility to back up files, much as I used to use InCD. (XP don't like InCD). BTW, my writer is a Plextor 12/10/32A CDRW. Anyway, I was trying to back up some files and the window that comes up telling you to insert a CD in the drive insists there is no disk in the drive. I even tried several brand new disks just in case something had damaged the disk I'd been using. The only thing I know that might have changed something is the update I did a couple of days ago with CloneCD. Before that I didn't have a problem. I posted on the CloneClinic forum but no replies. Any other suggestions??? Help???

Adding a note here: I have no problem using Nero or CloneCD.
The only thing I know that might have changed something is the update I did a couple of days ago with CloneCD. Before that I didn't have a problem.
It sounds like you found your own solution... Uninstall CloneCD... If it doesn't work by just uninstalling it then use system restore to restore your system to a date before you installed it.
I use Clone CD I don't believe it it'll cause this problem...

It is safe to remove that update then reinstall it... I don't know what the warnings about, usual MS BS, some of them have nothing to even do with the burner...

Who's Gump... I did'nt even see a member named "Gump"...
Okay...I removed CloneCD completely including all the registry entries. Still can't use the copy utility. Any other suggestions??
it is safe to remove it, i did. either dl the install file it before removing it then reinstall it straight after rebooting. or go the normal windows update after rebooting
:) Thanks for everyone's help. I did get it working. I tried everything suggested. I finally went to the drive properties and disabled CD recording and re-enabled it. Its working fine now. Don't know why it wasn't working before. I'll watch to see if it happens again.

Thanks all!


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