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XP networking



Hello all!
2 questions...and im sure theyve been asked before, just didnt see them anywhere...

1. How do i print to a network printer when the network computer is on the welocme screen? after so long it goes back to it, and i need to keep it that way...but when i try to print from another computer to that one while its on that screen, it just ignores me :(

2. I have a hard drive shared, with a pass/user name...but i want a subfolder in it to be shared without a pass/username, or atleast a different one...when i try to do this, the only pass that works is the one on the main share of the hard drive....hopefully you can understand what my brain is saying there :)

thanks to all!


Hmmm... I'm pretty sure you should still be able to print. I got so sick of having to have a certain computer on to print that I bought a dedicated print derver by NetGear for about $50.00. With the print server I can print anytime without having any specfic computer powered up... Much better ;)

As far as your second question goes... Are you sharing a complete drive for other computers? That's a bad security practice IMHO. What I gather from your question is that you have a small Peer2Peer network, in which case you have to supply credentials to gain access to another machine. The password and username is just there to authenticate you, you can't password protect drives and folders without 3rd party software in Windows. So basically, you can not require a different password for the shared folder without the use of a third party. You could use folder permissions if you have an NTFS partition to allow only certain people to the folder, filtering out the ones who should not have access to it.
Sharing a whole drive is not a problem unless it's the system drive. Then it's unadviceable. Sharing D: or some other non-sytem drive is just like sharing a folder.
you can share any drive to any other computer. i have everything in every computer shared to others.

if its just a workgroup, the easiest so you never have to use name/password is create same user/password on each computer when your logged into one it passes the user/pass to another as it tries to get in

as far as specific folder etc, right click in explorer the folder/file. you can set individual permissions there click and add everyone or just who you want to let into that folder for access then you can put specific rights, read, write, delete, add, or all for full control.......etc or deny if you don't want them there


Sharing any drive is not a good idea... You wont be saying it is when you get H4x3R3d!!1
Well if it's inside a LAN (with a router) you won't be more "H4x3R3d" if you share a drive root than if you share a folder.

It just if you are directly connected to the Internet with no firewall that you should be concerned about sharing entire C:\.


as far as the individual folder i try to share, it wont work...as soon as i click my computer from any other computer it asks for a password, and unless i use my main pass (admin one) it wont let me any farther than that. ive added a seperate pass to the d: drive where i want to share the single directory but i cant get close to it. it immediately asks for a pass, annoying really, but i just dont know all of xp yet :) any ideas?

still no idea how to fix the printing problem, doesnt seem to be a big problem as i cant find a fix to it anywhere!

thanks all


Just a guess, but maybe you can map a drive letter to the folder, then share that mapped drive with the permissions you need?

I used to have c:\program files mapped to S: and had 2 computers use it as program files. Great solution when the second computer didn't have enough HD space. (this was years ago under Win95)



thanks for the replies so far, but i cant even get another computer into this one without using my main pass....the second i view workgroup computers it asks for a password/user, and only takes my admin pass....how do i add more without allowing full permission?


the error i get when i try to use the pass i want on my computer from a network computer is:
the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer.
ive tried adding the account to be a member of "remote desktop users" and administrators and i get the same message....

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