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Freakin for all you people that think XP is the bomb! is sucks ass. its soooo freakin unstable. Freezes every 5 min. Took me 4 restarts to get to this website. Hey if you know how to fix this prob. be free to tell me, but i still wont change my mind. If i have to fix it.

Calm it down. If I need to edit your rantings anymore then you'll have to cry somewhere else because you won't have access to this site anymore. If you have legitimate issues, post as precise a description as you can, including bsod messages, system specs, etc. and we'll try to help you out. Otherwise, knock off the tirades because they're NOT welcome. Lonman


Needhelper are u related to madmatt

As it appears your about as gormless, move wi the times my son
move wi the times or get left in the cave.

Radish :D
NeedHelper, go with what Lonman says tone it down and tell us the problem an information about it. I had major probs with my first installation, I was planning on upgrading hardware as well, so I went to the Microsoft Catalogue and I made sure I baought XP compatible hardware, never had a problem.

If you keep ranting you will be Punished


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tell you the truth I was not sold on XP the first 5 times I installed it and then went back to win2k...

but the reason I kept installing XP (besides the fact that its SOOOO perdy) was the fact that I could tweak the shiznit out of it, and once my drivers were all in the correct order... windows XP was actually a lot more stable than windows 98 SE and windows ME... at least for my setup...

do I like it more than win2k.. well thats debateable... win2k was the first windows operating system I fell in love with because of its uptime... and I still dual boot with it to play some games... CS plays better on my pc under win2k than winxp... mainly because of driver issues related to my Radeon card... it has nothing to do with the gameplay at all...

needhelper... if you need help please feel free to post the problem in some kind of detail, system specs, when the problem occurs and so on and so forth... we can't say much if there is nothing to go on... thanks...

You see? There are a lot of folks here that have dealt with a lot of XP compatibilty issues that are willing to give you a good amount of their time. F-ing this and f-ing that is best kept behind the monitor. I'm not saying you're not allowed to transmit your frustration at all, I am saying to use some mature descretion doing so. When you're ready, create another thread with an exhaustive hardware listing of your system and follow with all the evidence (bsod stop codes especially) that you have. I'm locking this thread now so it will die out - you ARE welcome here. ;)

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