XP LogMod 2.0 released


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1 Mar 2004
I could have sworn that this progie was going to stay free... I'm not upset at the price 4.99 is rather inexpensive but I'd rather put that 5 towards styles xp and get all the aditional benifits plus the log on manager... Oh well another good thing gone over to the dark side... Sub7 isn't a computer virus its a wallet virus they tease you, then when your not looking leach money out of your pocket .......
lol Rod...

Me too! I'd just spend my money on StylesXP, which also has one of these log-on screen managers...

It may not be as effective, but it works...
Ok $4.99 is not a lot BUT why pay for something when others are giving it away for free ?

I change my logon screen about once a month so its no use to me anyway .....

Unless your changing Login screens every 10 minutes , i cant see the point
Its a nice handly little APP but im not going to buy it .. just to change my Logon screen ......
Yeah, XP LogMod is a decent app, but personally I think Logon Loader is a little better, has a cleaner interface, and as with all my favorite apps, it is completely FREE. :)

Also, it can do random Logons and all that good stuff, so when it comes down to it, I agree with the rest of you in that save the $5 for StyleXP..... or just go and buy some coffee and enjoy the sweetest pleasure life can offer. :)

Off to my land of mochas and cappucinos...

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