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My friend hasnt used his computer in about two months and has forgotten his password to login to windows. Is there a way you can hack the startup or can u go in safe mode and change the password please help!

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Try Hiting the Harddrive with a hammer (JUST KIDDING).

But you can try loging on as a guest user, and see what you can do.


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Um well if nobody can remember the password for the account that is there and the guest account is turned off that sort leaves u two options first on startup just before it starts loading press I beleive its F8 and select safe mode if u can should be able to access the a admin account that is generally hidden and if there is no password on it then you should be able to change the password on the account that as the password. If for some odd reason u can't access that admin account then that leaves a format as the only other option


Safe Mode Worked

Safe Mode allowed you to change the admin password. I dont know why its like that not very stable for networks but whos cares it work!:D

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